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Are you feeling the impact of rising health care costs? Most likely, the answer is yes. But, what can you do? The health care premiums you pay are likely related directly to the health of your employees. Besides higher premiums, chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease cost your business in lower productivity and absenteeism. So helping your employees manage their health is a good investment for your business. It will reap rewards in employee performance and satisfaction, as well as improve your bottom line.

AF4Q - South Central PA can help guide you in educating your employees and encouraging healthy behaviors, so together we can make a change for the better.

How can I help employees get better care?

We know your time is limited, so we've provided ready-to-use tools and ideas that can easily be implemented. Informing your employees of these resources might improve their health and your profitability. Here are some ideas for what to share with your staff.

  • Offer the I Can! Challenge. Incorporate activity into the workday by offering the free I Can! Challenge. It's a 12-week program that will motivate staff, and help them set goals, work with their doctor, eat healthy, and much more. All the tools are free and are available online.
  • Share the Community Checkup. Inform employees of the website that allows them to see how well their local doctor or hospital are partnering with patients like them.
  • Encourage community advocacy. We offer many ways for your employees to advocate for their own health and the health of their community. From joining a Healthcare Disparities Community Group, to training others on becoming an empowered patient, we have a spot for everyone. By contacting us, we can make them aware of the possibilities.
  • Provide resources. On our Patients section of this website, we offer many handouts and websites to help patients better understand their health and become more engaged. Encourage employees to visit the website to download these materials – or even download the PDFs and distribute them at staff meetings!

How can I partner with other employers
to reduce costs?

Join a diverse group of stakeholders from York and Adams counties to exchange views and share ideas about improving health care quality. Help us explore potential models of payment reform, and determine how our community can be a leader in reducing costs that affect so many of us. Contact us to join!

How can I learn more about AF4Q?

Bi-monthly, we distribute a newsletter that is filled with information pertaining to our role in improving quality care in York and Adams counties. It focuses on the happenings within local businesses, providers' practices, and hospitals, as well as the results of the continuous efforts made.

How can I offer what I know to others?

Provide advice to other employers, and share your experiences about the ways you've improved the health among your staff. Let us know your ideas for keeping health care costs down. Show others that change can happen, and encourage our community to come together to improve quality care. Share your story!

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