I'm a Community Organization

As a community organization, you play a key role. Your hard work and dedication to your community creates change. You know change doesn't happen overnight, but you're willing to fight for it. By supporting the efforts of AF4Q – South Central PA, encouraging those you serve to be engaged with their care, and reinforcing good health behaviors, you can help lead the change to better care.

How can I help improve the health of this community?

We offer many ways your organization can assist us in reaching the goal of offering high-quality health care to each and every person. By helping educate those you serve, providing resources, and sharing your insight, you’re helping the community move forward. Here are some of the things you can do.

  • Offer the I Can! Challenge. All of the tools and instructions for leading the free, 12-week program are ready at a click of a button. Continue to touch the lives of those you serve, by helping them improve their health. You’ll help them set goals, communicate better with their doctor, eat healthy, and more. Even if you can’t host your own Challenge, encourage your consumers to participate. We have posters, post cards and the tools to help you spread the word.
  • Share the Community Checkup. Educate your consumers by displaying Community Checkup cards in your lobby. Encourage them to visit the website to see how well their local doctor or hospital are partnering with patients like them.
  • Help eliminate health disparities. Still today, some individuals can’t access health care. Help us alleviate race, language and ethnic disparities for patients. We want the leaders who work day in and day out with consumers to share with us what they’re seeing, hearing and feeling within the community. We want you to help us shape the way we move forward. Join our Healthcare Disparities Community Group.
  • Host free educational presentation. Want to educate your consumers, but can’t find the time to do it? At no cost, our Health Literacy Task Force will come to your support group, church, senior center or wherever you are to present “It’s Your Health…Take Charge!”  Attendees will learn what high-quality health care is, and receive the tools, resources and techniques to be an engaged patient. By contacting us, we’ll make them aware of the possibilities.
  • Use our free articles. Most likely, you have a newsletter, website, email blasts, or some sort of communication tool to educate your consumers about what’s happening. Help them learn more about quality care by featuring an AF4Q – South Central PA article. Articles are already prepared – all you have to do is copy and paste. Here’s a recent article from Quality 4orum that may be of interest: How Can We Get Consumers to Take Charge of Their Health?
  • Provide resources. On our Patients section of this website, we offer many handouts and websites to help patients better understand their health and become more engaged. Encourage employees to visit the website to download these materials – or even download the PDFs and distribute them to your consumers.

How can I share my thoughts for improvement?

Join our Consumer Advisory Council

Each month AF4Q – South Central PA leaders meet with patients and a team of representatives from York and Adams counties’ community organizations. As a group, we identify the best ways to reach out to patients and which tools will be the most useful. We determine how we can continue to deliver information and educate the community about quality care. We invite you to share your thoughts, and become a supporter by joining our Consumer Advisory Council!

Join our Healthcare Disparities Community Group

Help us alleviate race, language and ethnic disparities for patients. You work day in and day out with consumers, and can serve as their voice. You can help us determine the way we move forward. Contact us for the next meeting date.

How can my consumers share their health successes?

Stories touch lives, and encourage others to take action. We encourage everyone to share what they learned through the I Can! Challenge, or what questions they’re going to ask their doctor. We want members of the community to show each other that change can happen. Share your story!