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AF4Q FOLLOW UP STORY by Terry Yeager

My name is Terry Yeager. About six months ago I wrote an AF4Q story that was published on the Home AF4Q website. In that story, I said I had become a patient/partner with York Wellspan Endocrinology. At that time, my diabetes was out of control. I weighed 266 pounds and my A1C was 8.3. Pretty bad!! Since then, I have been to several more AF4Q meetings and attended webinars as well as several more P/P meetings with our practice. In those meetings, I learned about the "I Can Challenge" program that is sponsored by AF4Q and promoted by Wellspan. ... [more]

Sara Bradley story by Terry Yeager

Sara Bradley was born in Pittsburgh, PA. In fact, on her birthday, she will be 70 years old. She was born in Braddock Hospital and was a breach baby. She did not breathe until the doctor smacked her bottom. And then, she threw up all over the nun's white habit. The nurse called her a little devil and to this day, those close to her still call her "the little devil". Raised in the Pittsburgh area, she attended Baldwin High School and graduated in 1961. Then off to Robert Morse business school graduating with a degree in court stenography in 1963. ... [more]

Patient Partner - AF4Q Story

My name is Terry Yeager. I was diagnosed with type II diabetes six years ago. This struck me as strange since no other member of my family has had the disease. At first I thought it was just something else in my long list of medical problems. Then my blood sugars began to increase. I began taking metformin, then insulin. ... [more]

Healing Journey

Thank you for helping to guide me and my classmates on our healing journeys! As a 2012 I Can! Challenger, thank you for providing us with numerous formats for personal goal setting, record keeping, and health monitoring.  Class members were encouraged to identify the barriers to healing from our varied chronic conditions and identify techniques for overcoming those barriers.  Each week there were forms to complete that guided us toward honing in on our personal challenges, steps designed for us to face those challenges and opportunities for us to grow in our knowledge about our own conditions.  The program contains a guide filled with lots of information to read, process, and to learn from.  The speakers at our meeting were informative about their varied topics as we learned to shop the grocery store aisles to ‘buy healthy’, exercise in new and different ways, and practice techniques for combating various stressors and addictions.  The camaraderie of our intergenerational group members was lively and thought-filled.  We came from varied backgrounds and experiences, and each week were given time to share our status and progress as we bounced around ideas with each other regarding possible healing strategies.  Our facilitators were friendly and helpful, occasionally sharing their own struggles and strategies in dealing with their own challenges.  We congealed as a team to improve our health and knowledge of our conditions.  Each week we were encouraged to reward ourselves in non-food eating ways.  What a powerful tool this was! ... [more]

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